The Massimo Motta & partners is not only a design studio but also an innovative reality that interprets the way of making homes and interior architecture like a true mission of research, in-depth study and creation that is able to develop a new project transforming it into a unique custom-made artefact.

The studio, that came from a Massimo Motta’s idea within an old artisan workshop, is structured like a suggestive and welcoming apartment that encapsulates the beating heart of the process of designing.

Now let’s peek inside the space itself: near the design furniture and captivating lights, samples of materials and colors are gathered on shelving units, and the table, right in the center of the studio, is always ready to welcome new guests.

Whoever enters already knows that they’ll live an exclusive experience, focused on the creation and transformation of their own home.

The studio, that is both a working and a meeting area, is lived by Massimo Motta, by his team and by the clients like a sophisticated and interactive combination of informal moments: there is dialoguing, comparing, discovering new textures and hues for new projects, there is sipping coffee while thoughts are able to run free and, in the end, there is working concretely to the transposition of ideas, from paper to the concrete reality of a new project.